The Westridge SAC attended the district-wide SAC and LOSD Board meeting held on January 23, 2012. The agenda included a financial update from LOSD Board Chair John Wendland and a Strategic Initiative overview by Superintendant Dr. Bill Korach.

The Westridge SAC conducted a one-hour discussion on the following four topics: 

• New Transfer Legislation – The Board has until March 1 to notify the State of Oregon if they will use the open enrollment legislation. The Board is soliciting advice from all SAC members before the projected decision date of February 6 

• Middle School Schedule – The Board is considering the adoption of a new middle school schedule that would increase instruction time by over nine (9) days, but also carries an additional cost of $400k annually. 

• Second Language Immersion – The Board is considering the implementation of a K-1 immersion language (both Mandarin and Spanish) program in the 2012-13 school year. This program could add complexity to the implementation of Scenario B next year. 

• Starting and Ending School Times – The Board is evaluating a proposal to decouple the current busing routes between the elementary, middle, and high schools to allow for greater scheduling flexibility. The additional cost is estimated at $300k annually. 

Each SAC member was tasked with providing feedback to the administration on these topics. 

Communication was received from Stuart Ketzler that he does not foresee a boundary adjustment between Rivergrove and Westridge for the 2012-13 school year. This should allow Westridge a bit of classroom flexibility in 2012-13. 

The next LO School Board meeting is January 30 @ 6PM at LO High School. 

The next Westridge SAC meeting is February 13 @ 7PM in the Westridge library. 

The complete set of meeting notes can be found here:​79455404/​Westridge-SAC-Meeting-Minutes-J​an-23

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Westridge Auction: Life is Sweet!

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 will be an evening of excitement at the Oregon Golf Club you won’t want to miss! Monies raised at our annual auction account for the largest contribution of funds (71% last year) to the Westridge PTSO. Every year your generously donated dollars pay for incrediblyimportant educational and social activities for our children such as:

Computers | Sports Equipment | Art Literature | Field Trips | Science Fair | Loud and Clear | Library & Visiting Authors | Yearbooks | Family Socials | Bike Rodeo | Staff Appreciation | Parent Awareness | Class Celebrations | Teacher Supplies, Special Projects and Classroom Books | Child Safety & Health Programs

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Westridge SAC Meeting Notes

Westridge School Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes from January 10, 2012

Full Meeting Notes are here:  2012-1-10 WR SAC Minutes

Executive Summary

  • The Westridge SAC meeting was held on January 10th, 2012. The agenda included an update on the middle school transition and discussion from Monday’s LOSD Board meeting – open enrollment, language immersion and high school class parity.
  •  The Super Site Committee has developed a recommendation on the middle school schedule – proposed Schedule A, which is a hybrid of a block schedule and 7 period days.  This would increase instructional time by 44 minutes (8:05AM – 2:59PM) and would add back 9-10 days of instruction to the year.  An increase of $400K would be needed to support this plan if class sizes are not increased. If you have additional questions, please contact Keith Rogers.
  • School Board meeting discussion
    • Open Enrollment – The LOSD has until March 1st to decide how it wants to handle the new legislation regarding out-of-district transfers. Open enrollment will most likely affect the high schools only as of right now. The School Board doesn’t want to derail Scenario B.  A decision will be made during the February 6th Board meeting
    • Language Immersion – The Board is considering options to revitalize the language immersion programs. A proposal was shared that would create K/1st grade Spanish & Mandarin Chinese programs to be held in portables at Rivergrove or short term at Bryant.  . 
    • Westridge & Rivergrove enrollment – Some concern has been raised about possible over enrollment at Rivergrove next year and its impact on Westridge. Currently, we are at 501 students (K-6 is at 483, the rest are the pre-K 4 year olds). The Westridge SAC feels strongly that the transition of Bryant students needs to be done fairly and that it does not over-burden an already crowded school.
    • High School Course parity- Overall, SAC feels that the district needs to fix this disparity and offer advanced/AP classes equally on both sides of the lake.
  •  The next LO School Board meeting is January 23rd @ 7PM at LO High School.
  • Gayle Mickey has put together a group of parents to organize optional sports for the 5th and 6thgraders twice per week during recess. 
    • Would like to expand it to 3rd/4th grade. 
    • This helps fill in our lack of PE classes.
    • Interested 3rd/4th/5th/6th grade parents should contact Gayle Mickey at
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Prepare for the holidays with Westridge Scrip!

The time has come to start planning for the holiday meals and gift giving in the next few months. Whenever you start to think about your plans, please remember to take advantage of the Scrip program. Whether it is a Fred Meyer card you use to stock up on groceries or iTunes and Starbucks cards for stocking stuffers, every purchase you make helps the PTSO and Westridge!  We try to keep a wide selection of scrip on hand, but given a week or so, we can get just about anything.

Check out the order forms found on the bulletin board in the lobby of the school for a listing of scrip available from our local source. We also have access to TONS of other places through a national source including Whole Foods,, LL Bean and hundreds of others! For a full listing, or to ask about specific stores, contact Staci Avison at

Please note: Scrip sales will be moving from Thursday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon starting next week.  There will continue to be sales Friday morning. If you are interested in helping to sell scrip (it’s EASY!), contact Staci Avison.

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SAC Executive Summary from 11/7/2011

  • The Westridge SAC meeting was held on November 7th, 2011. The agenda included updates from SAC members on communication, transportation/busing & the middle school transition.  The SAC team also reviewed and provided feedback on a proposal regarding school uniforms.
  • A number of different communication approaches have been implemented in the last month to help share what happens during our SAC meetings. These include:
  • Feedback was provided to district administration & First Student busing on the key issues and learnings on the busing transition. A number of recommendations were suggested to help alleviate some of these issues next year.
  • The middle school transition team, known as Super SAC, is comprised of members from each elementary school and both junior highs.  They are an oversight committee that combines input from other transition committees to provide a report to the school board.  Committees cover topics including transportation, curriculum, building layout, etc.  Since there are still many open questions and topics being discussed at this time, the Westridge SAC will be updated monthly and provide updates to our school community
  • The SAC team was asked to comment on a proposal for a district-wide school uniform policy. The general consensus was not in favor of this proposal for a few key reasons – the lack of a compelling business case, other more important priorities facing the district and a family’s right to choose what clothes their kids wear to school.
  • Next month’s SAC meeting is December 5th at 7:00PM. School Board members Bob Barman and John Wendland will be attending.
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SAC Executive Summary from 10/10/2011 Meeting

School Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting 10/10/2011

Executive Summary

  • The Westridge School Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of 15 volunteer parents who are appointed by the school board for a 2 year term. The role of the Westridge SAC is to improve and help facilitate communication to our school, parent community and the school board. We will work to actively communicate what is happening in the district and relevant issues facing Westridge.
  • Committee Members: Scott Lane, Traci Daskalos, Holly Fleet Higgins, Barb Stormo, Susan Larrance, Rachel Borah, Coventry Boucher, Britney Hardie, John Ensminger, Bonnie Carlson, Keith Rogers, Michele Arluna, Mark Bachman, Scott Greenfield, John Marandas
  • Dr. Lane has submitted feedback to the School Board on the status of the transition. Topics included transportation, school climate, communication, facilities, curriculum and transition planning. The two primary areas of ongoing concern are transportation and creating an integrated school culture.
  • Ensuring a smooth flow of kids to and from school continues to be a challenge. A member of First Student, the district’s transportation vendor, will be invited to the next SAC meeting to hear concerns and discuss possible solutions to the current transportation issues.
  • Developing a new culture which includes traditions from both Palisades and Westridge continues to evolve. One challenge is in fully understanding all of the traditions from Palisades. Dr. Lane is considering a couple of ways to continue to learn from the former Palisades student and parent community
  • Addressing these issues, as well as learning from this year’s transition, will be critical as Westridge prepares for another transition next year with some students from Bryant.
  • Since the primary role of SAC is to improve communication, it was agreed that the SAC was going to utilize multiple approaches to communicate what happens during our SAC meetings. These will include participation in PTSO meetings, creation of a Westridge SAC Facebook page, updates in the weekly newsletter & Westridge website and posting of notes on the bulletin board in the school hallway.
  • Feel free to reach out to any member of the SAC team to share your thoughts &/or concerns. Attendance at any SAC meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend. The next meeting is scheduled for November 7th at 7:00PM in the Westridge Library. An agenda will be distributed at least one week prior.

View the full meeting notes here:

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Back to School Ice Cream Social- Get your tickets!

Back to School

Dinner Dance and Ice Cream Social

Is Thursday, October 13th

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

If you haven’t purchased tickets (on the Back to School Packet envelope)

they will be on sale Tuesday (11th) and Wednesday (12th) morning at drop off.

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State Report Cards- We are all Outstanding!!!

The State Report Card information has been released. All of our schools were rated Outstanding – Great job!! This is fabulous news for Westridge and all the Lake Oswego Schools. Here is the link to the state report cards:

Way to go Westridge!!!

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PTSO News…

“This Sweet Spot could be yours!”

Do you want your own personal parking spot at Westridge?! Want to be the closest so you don’t get sunburnt on your way into the office this Fall? Want to be close to run into school on those possibly rainy winter days?!  Want to be near to your child’s classroom so that when you arrive to school and realize they forgot to put their shoes on you don’t have to carry them as far?!

Maybe you have seen the sign on the parking space outside already? If you would like to put forward a blind bid to win this parking spot, please submit your bid in the box at the Westridge front office from 9am Friday, Sept 23rd. The highest $ bidder wins! As the winner, your family name will be added to a plaque and the spot is yours from Monday, Sept 26th until the Auction on Feb 4th, 2012 – all days, all hours!

Please email Allie Baker,, or Heather De Rosier,, if you have any questions!

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PTSO News…

Welcome back Westridge Families! We have our first week of school under our belts, and hopefully the dust is beginning to settle around getting everyone back onto a schedule.


-Staff Appreciation volunteers Dana Hennelly and Sharon Wise for putting on a beautiful Back to School Luncheon for the Westridge Staff the Thursday before school started.  

-Welcoming Committee volunteers Susie Bachman and Julie Hamlin for all their hard work over the summer – and for getting everyone their Westridge Wildcats t-shirts for the Rules Rodeo today.

- Hospitality volunteers Barbara Rosen and Aimee Corso for hosting the first day of school coffee.

- New Families volunteer Edwina Mullen-Ryan for hosting the New Family Coffee this morning. 

If you have not submitted your Back to School Packet paperwork, please do so ASAP.  It’s not too late to volunteer!  Volunteer forms and detailed descriptions of the PTSO volunteer opportunities are in the packet. Room parents will be determined by the volunteer forms.  We still need a photographer to help our Yearbook committee, and the Carnival Committee needs a chairperson.  We need someone to step up as our incoming PTSO President for next year – it’s a great position – I liked it so much in 2007, I’ve volunteered to do it again this year!

Our first PTSO meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, September 15th in the Gym right after drop-off.  All parents/guardians of Westridge students are welcome – and encouraged – to attend.  Meeting minutes, budgets, PTSO Volunteer roster and other PTSO information are always available on the PTSO bulletin board, located in the lobby to the right of the main office.

 The Welcome Back Dessert and Dance the evening of Thursday October 13th (no school the next day) is a fun community building event you won’t want to miss – stay tuned for details. 

Good to see you all back at school! 

Kim Kelly, PTSO President



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